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Combining the latest technology and old fashioned values to raise the standard in the Chiropractic profession"

Atlas is all about... RESULTS!

Welcome to an office that prides itself on its referrals from the local medical community. With over 2,700 referrals from local medical physicians since 1997, the expression “MDs don’t refer to Chiropractors” no longer applies! ANY referral is – A transfer of TRUST. You have over 200 chiropractors to choose from in the local Charlotte region. Imagine an office that provides the latest – science based - technology, straight honest answers, and works closely with your medical providers to maximize your potential to heal. Imagine having your situation EXPLAINED in a way - you - understand with realistic goals outlined and accomplished with the integrity to tell you when we’ve done all we can. Remember when old- fashioned work ethic and integrity mattered… Welcome to Atlas Health & Wellness!

Our office provides a variety of treatment options and understands that no two patients are the same. You will have a thorough exam – emphasis on – a thorough functional biomechanical assessment that will leave you saying…”Why didn’t my regular doctor, my orthopedist…etc, evaluate me this way??” We will present realistic care plans, sensible costs for your care, and do our best to maintain our reputation for RESULTS! We’re here to help you reach your peak potential! My favorite aspect of practice since 1997 is meeting a skeptical patient who has tried numerous other doctors – of all kinds – over the past couple years, and still improve their condition more than anyone else has. Situations like these are literally what built our practice over the years.

As far as I am aware, ours is the only office with the combination of the following technologies in the same office: Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Alpha Stim Technology, Erchonia Cold Lasers, Sigma Instrument Methods, Computerized lumbar decompression, Rapid Release motion based muscle release techniques. Other means and methods are used of course; however, please know that no two patients are treated the same.

How did I get this way?

I’ll give you my own personal example: I’m washing my own hair, tilt my head back and within two minutes, I couldn’t move my neck at all. It was November 2013, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that shower “did me in”. What that was, was “the straw that broke the camels back”. I was rear ended in 1994 by a Ford 250 that was doing 50+ mph and my head was turned to the left 80 degrees at the time of impact. I made a great recovery after three months of great chiropractic care, however my occupation requires that I lean left with my left arm up “kinking my head to the left” as I work with patients….What I’m saying…is – I UNDERSTAND! Many patients we encounter have had something happen many years ago , and over time, their bodies adapt and compensate over – years! I tell my patients that we only treat TWO THINGS: “GRAVITY AND BIRTHDAYS”! Sooner or later, past injuries degenerate to the point they start producing SYMPTOMS. Symptoms are what “Western Medicine” is all about. Symptom SUPPRESSION via medication is their means of treating you.

Considering Stem Cell Therapy?

Atlas is now using the EXACT same procedure as:

Wake Sports Medicine • Duke Sports Medicine Campbell University • East Carolina Sports Medicine.

The latest advancements in Stem Cell collection techniques have enabled Harvest Technologies to generate the highest concentration in the regenerative medicine industry. The most significant medical breakthrough of the 21st Century – Stem Cell Therapy - can literally regrow degenerated tissue for your chronic:
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Plantar Fasciitis

You owe it to yourself.
Unleash your body’s potential to heal itself.
Stem Cells harness the healing power of your
own body and actually REPAIR your damaged tissue!

What our Patients are Saying!

  • Ed Godfrey
    I was in an automobile accident almost 20 years ago and injured my back.  I never really recovered; therefore I endured back pain almost daily. When I went to Atlas, Dr. Schmitt promised me that, despite having several dislocated vertebrae, I could soon return to normal after his treatments along with massage. I immediately began feeling better and now, 6 weeks later, I feel great!  I umpire baseball several months a season, and teach and play sports daily throughout the year and have not felt this good in 20 years. I was really hesitant about going to a chiropractor because everyone believes that it is a waste of money.  I did not care how much it cost if it helped, but the rates were very reasonable. I tell you, that you cannot put a price tag on your health because I am healed and it is all because of Atlas. Thank you.
    Ed Godfrey
  • Bob S.
    I just wanted to drop you a line to explain how you have changed my opinion on chiropractors.  I was hesitant when Dr. McMillan recommended that I see you...because my past experience with chiropractors was less than desirable.  Several things impress me about your practice:
    • You actually take the time to talk to me about what was hurting, a rather long list I might add.
    • You actually touch the things that hurt and explain what you are doing and how it will help.
    • You take meticulous notes, the only time I saw a pen at the other place was for paying the bill.
    I have had a bad shoulder for over 30 years as a result of an electrical shock, thanks to you it is better and the mobility has improved significantly.  I have had two back operations and have always had pain there, but I have noticed a significant improvement and very little pain.  So, I just wanted you to know that you have restored my faith in at least one chiropractor.
    Bob S.
  • Richard E.
    I had headaches of one degree or another for some months before I met you at the Siskey YMCA, where your sign read--'Do You Have Headaches?'  To which I answered, 'yes,' and after a brief examination and consultation I decided that I would chance your helping me, so I made an appointment.  Your Atlas Orthogonal instrument was something new and I hoped that through the treatments with it my headaches might improve.  After several treatments I began to notice that my neck was causing fewer headaches and after a few more treatments I was delighted to tell you honestly that I had not had a headache for weeks.  I would like to thank you for reaching out to people like me, who would probably not visit your office otherwise.  You helped me when I concluded that there must be no way out of these headaches other than surgery.
    Richard E.
  • Erica B.
    In the past I discontinued chiropractic services after several sessions to treat acute conditions, including miagraines, TMS, and cervical neck pain that were the results of automobile accidents.  However, I found that when I discontinued visits to treat these conditions, if I went more than 3-4 weeks, I had acute exacerbations of several specific symptoms.  The TMJ flares made eating painful and the acute miagraines would be as often as two in a week that were debilitating to the degree that I had to remain in bed, in a dark room, and was unable to function in any other capacity for the remainder of that day.  Since I was able to determine that a return visit to receive chiropractic adjustment kept me from experiencing such acute exacerbations of these symptoms, I scheduled an appointment as soon as symptoms indicated the need.
    Erica B.
  • Anita S.
    I am 59 years old, experienced five major surgeries in six years due to rheumatoid arthritis wreaking havoc in all my joints.  Several years ago my family physician suggested that I see Dr. Michael Schmitt.  I immediately realized Dr. Schmitt was someone who believed me, someone who listened to my plea to regain control of my life, and someone who would advise me professionally as I struggled to cope with my problems. Over the last several years, Dr. Schmitt has literally been the one option that continues to make it possible for me to move physically.  Spondylosis of the spine and rotation of the upper spine from previous surgeries cause additional pain.  Dr. Schmitt has been able to make adjustments, thus avoiding more surgery.  I was terrified the morning I could not feel my arm or use my hand.  Dr. Schmitt was again my answer to prayer as he worked diligently to restore all function of my arm and hand.  His expert knowledge of the human anatomy and body function brought not only relief and restoration, but renewed confidence and encouragement to me personally. One cannot appreciate the complete wellness objective of Atlas Chiropractic until challenged with this much adversity and pain.  Dr. Schmitt personally takes a sincere interest in my daily walk to stay afloat and with his help; I am one of those miracles that happen every day.  It is essential that we keep Dr. Schmitt practicing "good medicine."
    Anita S.
  • Jeanette H.
    What started out as just a headache, then earache, then tremendous pain in upper neck with creepy crawlers, became a real "pain in the neck" by not finding someone who could help. Included were local chiropractors, deep massages, three neurosurgeons, 5 scans, rheumatologist, and lots of pills. Little or no help came from any of them. On the last neurosurgeon visit, it was recommended that since operating was not a viable treatment, a visit to a chiropractor who was administering new techniques for pain, Michael Schmitt, was the next step. Skeptical, I followed his advice, and was so thankful I did. Michael, the first visit with you lowered my pain 85%, and the next two visits almost totally eliminated all pain. It has been several weeks now. and I am a new person! Thank you, and your entire staff, for the professional manner your practice offers. Each visit has been a real pleasure, with little or no waiting, and the very best of care!
    Jeanette H.
  • Laura Y. OD
    In July 2014, I hurt my back doing a simple exercise during one of my workouts. I had low back pain that ended up causing me severe pain that made walking and moving extremely difficult. I called Atlas Chiropractic and they promptly scheduled me for an appointment that same day, fitting me in at the end of a very busy day for them. I saw Dr. Mike and he spent so much time with me, maneuvering my back and legs to determine where the problem in my back was originating. He then took x-rays to get a further visual of my problem area. He explained my low back problem and adjusted me that same day. I left his office feeling so much better and was able to walk without severe pain. Over the next several weeks, I saw Dr. Mike and Dr. Cameron for adjustments several times per week and I became pain free and able to return to my normal activities. They instructed me on new exercises to strengthen my lower back and ways to stretch the area to help prevent future injuries. They also helped me make some adjustments to the exercises I was doing to encourage a healthy back. During this very painful and scary experience, I never had to take any pain pills or muscle relaxers. I have become pain free with regular chiropractic care. After each visit I felt relief! Dr. Mike and Dr. Cameron are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely good at adjustments. I know I'm in good hands with them! They are miracle workers! Their staff is friendly and extremely accommodating as well. I highly recommend the doctors and staff of Atlas Chiropractic for relief from neck or back pain and also for overall wellness. I have learned that my back is one of the main sources of good health and alignment in my body. It is important to protect it and keep it healthy and well aligned. I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Mike and Dr. Cameron! With very high regards, Laura Y. OD
    Laura Y. OD
  • Jane B.
    I went to Atlas in hopes of improving my back pain. I had gone to my primary care provider for severe pain in my lower back expecting to have to go to physical therapy. She said I was so twisted up that I needed to see a chiropractor. The one she sent me to used old techniques was very rough, and I was concerned my back would be broken. A friend sent me to Dr. Schmitt - his more modern techniques and equipment gave me confidence and gradually fixed my issues. With treatment from Atlas Chiropractic, I was able to do my daily activities without pain or being super cautious about how I move. I come every 4-6 weeks for a "tune-up" and at 75 years old, I am active and without back pain most of the time.
    Jane B.
  • Marcela M.
    I came to Atlas Chiropractic to improve my headaches. Before coming here, I tried acupuncture, improving my vision with Lasik, and vitamins - all without any luck. Since starting treatment, my headaches are 90%-95% GONE! I have had headaches since I was a little girl, about 6 or 7 years old. Nothing I have tried worked to improve my condition. With Dr. Schmitt's help, I am almost headache-free! I no longer have to carry painkillers everywhere I go and I have a lot more energy to do things around my house or play with my son. I am so happy I don't have to take painkillers like I used to.
    Marcela M.
  • Dr. Marshall P. McMillan, M.D.
    Since 1998, Crown Point Family Physicians has referred over 1,000 patients to Dr. Michael J. Schmitt for treatment of various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. We send difficult cases to Dr. Schmitt knowing that he will co-manage them with other relevant specialists to maximize outcomes if the need arises. This trust enables us to convey confidence to the patient that they will be guided in a cost effective and productive course of care. Many of the patients sent to Dr. Schmitt are very and difficult to treat. They have failed self-care, rounds of medication, and other forms of therapy. Dr. Schmitt seems to have a gift for helping my patients recover and ultimately this will result in lower medical costs.
    Dr. Marshall P. McMillan, M.D.
  • Mary P
    I am so thankful that my primary physician recommended Dr. Schmitt for my back and neck pain. I could not sleep at night with the pain and leg pain all day. I even tried support hose, but to no avail. I started going to Dr. Schmitt the 15th of February, 2012. I appreciated his honesty in my first consultation. Each week I have noticed an improvement. I started out with a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10. Now it is approximately a 3. He is a great chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone in need of pain relief.
    Mary P
  • Ryan B. D
    I have been receiving excellent care while being treated by Dr. Michael Schmitt. I have been to approximately 3-4 different doctors concerning my neck and right arm problems and the Atlas Chiropractic center has been the only place where I have been receiving promising and actual results...I would like to commend Dr. Schmitt for his efforts and continuing process to my recovery...I believe Dr. Schmitt is handling my case appropriately due to the changes in my treatment plan to adjust for current/reoccurring symptoms. My health is still a work in progress but I do understand that with the injury(s) I have sustained that I cannot be treated overnight.
    Ryan B. D
  • Julie R.
    I have two beautiful boys who happen to have special needs that create a demanding day for me. For YEARS I have suffered from terrible headaches and reoccurring neck/back/hip pain. I went to one primary care doctor after the other and no one was willing to delve into the problem and help me find an answer. Most doctors wanted to put me on anti-depressants or said I was taking too much OTC pain medicines, but no one offered to run tests. Finally I saw a local neurologist and spine doctor who scheduled me for an MRI, which showed multiple bulging discs. Dr. Welshofer at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine recommended PT and Dr. Schmitt. The PT made it worse, so then I went to see Dr. Schmitt who uncovered other medical problems. He has been able to successfully relieve my pain and has also referred me to Dr. Park at Southeast Pain Clinic. But Dr. Park stated and advised me that in order to get the best results that I needed to remain in Dr. Schmitt's care. And that is what I am doing. Without the chiropractic care of Dr. Schmitt, I would still be in unmanageable pain and my quality of life would certainly suffer and so would that of my family.
    Julie R.
  • Marlene M.
    Over the past years, I have informed my Internal Medicine physician of the debilitating back and joint pain that was extremely disrupting my sleep and the only responses I received were just not acceptable for two reasons:
    • The prescription method of relieving the pain was not the answer to why the pain was happening...
    • And, the other 'cure' that has been repeated over and over for the last three years is, "you have to exercise"
    Yes, exercise is a very important component for each of us to incorporate into our daily routines; however, when you are unable to get up and down from a sitting position, and you have problems walking any distance and...with numbness in your leg--exercise makes the symptoms worse. My first visit to Dr. Schmitt's office was in February 2012. I was hurting all over and to pinpoint 'where' was out of my ability to answer. Dr. Schmitt spent extra time to explain the x-rays and for the first time in years, I had a glimmer of hope that this was the answer. Today, April 19, 2012, the pain level has diminished to 'sometimes' instead of ALL of the time. I have the ability to stand/walk/climb stairs without pain for the first time in years...and I am actually sleeping! Thank you!
    Marlene M.
  • Brenda C.
    After seeing two orthopedic doctors who could not agree on a diagnosis), getting cortisone shots, weekly sessions of deep tissue massage, and supervised physical therapy for eight weeks, the pain in my shoulder was such that I had lost at least 75% range of motion, could not sleep through the night, and could no longer effectively play my favorite sport--tennis. LONG story/SHORT version: The treatments by Dr. Schmitt were not terribly painful and I slowly began to notice improvement. Total recovery took much longer than four weeks, but I'm now enjoying almost total range of motion and am again playing tennis. My treatments are now only once a week and I'm sure when I'm 100% again, I'll just be returning for maintenance periodically. I am now a firm believer that if Dr. Schmitt says he can help you--he can!
    Brenda C.
  •  Judy Hicks
    About thirty years ago, I sustained permanent impairment in the right side of my neck and my right sciatic nerve as the result of a car accident. Over these past three decades, I have seen my share of both good and bad chiropractors and doctors and I can tell you that none of them came close to achieving the level of care I receive from Dr. Michael J. Schmitt, DC. When I became his patient 15 years ago, I was very impressed with his honesty in telling me that if he could not help me within four weeks he would tell me so. When the month of treatment ended, he took a follow-up x-ray to compare it with the original consult (a first) and carefully explained the visual improvement that supported my increased flexibility and decreased headaches. Over the years I have been amazed by not only his professional acumen (quickness, accuracy and keen judgment), but also by his personable concern for the total well-being of his patients--a lost art in these days. I have now graduated to that distinct place in life called a "Medicare Recipient" and daily watch my health benefits evaporate. However, if Medicare would replicate nationwide, the quality of patient care received at Atlas Chiropractic, perhaps it would prevent further loss of benefits, and save money unnecessarily spent on expensive back surgeries. Due to several autoimmune illnesses and their treatment medications, my back has degenerated significantly these past six years; however, thanks to Dr. Schmitt, my pain level has not increased with these changes. Although I am a back surgery candidate, neither my neurologist nor orthopedic surgeon recommends it. Their advice is to go back to Dr. Schmitt because he... "Has the string to hold you together." Thank you so much Dr. Schmitt!
    Judy Hicks
    Charlotte NC
  • J. C. J
    I had been suffering from constant dizzy spells. I had been to my personal doctor, a neurologist and a eye, ear, nose, and throat specialist. No one could help me. I finally came to Dr. Schmitt because he helped me in the past with a problem with my back. After X-rays it was found that my Atlas was out of position and Dr. Schmitt assured me he could bring some relief to my situation. Well, five weeks later I am so much better that I feel like a new person and the spells have all but disappeared. Again, thanks to Dr. Schmitt for his help and thanks to God for helping me find help.
    J. C. J
  • Jason & Heidi M.
    Michael, I can't thank you enough for working your magic on my back over the past few months. Your healing touch has had a profound effect on my life--and my family’s too. I asked Santa to bring me the ProAdjuster "Platinum" Package, but I'm not sure if he has that kind of budget this year. It is probably better to let you use that thing on me, rather than my wife anyway...Seriously, that was some pretty nasty stuff going on in my lower back...I'm still not entirely sure how you fixed it, I do know that my wife and I thank God nearly every day for guiding me into your office. Thanks again for the unbelievable impact you've made on our lives!
    Jason & Heidi M.
  • Leslie L. T
    When I first came to Atlas I was in tremendous pain. I suffered from chronic headaches that lasted for days at a time. My hip, back and neck were constantly in spasms. Even though I was living, I was in so much pain, I couldn’t live my life. However, once I started receiving treatment by Dr. Schmitt I immediately noticed a difference and my life was becoming livable. I have been at Atlas for over six months now and feel like a new person. Thanks to his mastery of his profession I can now live my life.
    Leslie L. T
  • Jo S.
    This is the most effective treatment for anyone who suffers with pain. You do not have to take pain medications and suffer from all the side-effects. Please see Dr. Schmitt at Atlas Chiropractic. My long journey from pain covered previous chiropractic care, narcotics from my primary physician, to Southeast Pain Clinic who prescribed hydro-codone and oxycodone, which relieved some pain, but I could not function normally. I am forty-seven and the past ten years my husband and I have had to put our lives on hold, even leaving my job in nursing. My massage therapist sent me to Dr. Schmitt, so I went, although skeptical. Dr. Schmitt listened to my concerns regarding my medical problems and treatments. He explained the new technique of the Pro-Adjuster. After a few visits, I am pain free. I take an occasional Tylenol. If I feel this much better now, I can only imagine how great my life will be in a few weeks. Being an RN in the medical field for over fifteen years, I have seen many treatments fail, but from personal experience with positive results, Dr. Schmitt and his staff are definitely medically tested, patient APPROVED!
    Jo S.
  • Tina W
    When I first started coming to Dr. Schmitt, over six months ago, I could barely walk, I wasn't sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night, I couldn't pick my son up or play with him. Just to be able to function in the mornings, I had to sit in a recliner with a heating pad on my back. The first thing he did was take an x-ray just to see how bad my back was. Then he sent me for an MRI and CT scan. He was shocked when he saw the results of those. He told me I was one messed up person. LOL! I had a herniated disc in my S1, L5 vertebrae. He started working with me in his office and also sent me to a neurologist for 2 sets of epidural shots in my back. I was scared to death, but after it was all over with I felt a lot better. Now I'm, able to walk normally, sleep in my bed, and most importantly, I can pick up my son and play with him. i could never tell Dr. Schmitt how much I appreciate him and his staff for all they have done for me. I can honestly say that he gave me my life back.
    Tina W
  • J. Tom B
    Dr. John Welshofer of Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates diagnosed a severe case of carpal tunnel in both my wrists; I had pain the wrists and my hands would tingle and "go to sleep". I didn't want surgery because I had friends and acquaintances that experienced marginal success with surgical correction. In June, Dr. Welshofer referred me to Dr. Michael Schmitt and he informed me of an alternative treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It was called MedEx Phototherapy or cold laser. On July 2, 2007 at Dr. Schmitt's office, I began a series of cold laser treatments administered by the therapist and on September 26, 2007 I was released to an "as-needed" treatment status. The laser treatments were completely painless and only took a few minutes to administer. In all, I underwent 26 rounds of treatment and I estimate that my severe carpal tunnel was relieved of at least 95% of its symptoms. My wrists no longer hurt and I rarely feel any tingling in my hands. Equally important, there were no invasive procedures of any kind. I am convinced that cold laser treatment is worthy of serious consideration by anyone who is thinking about surgical correction of carpal tunnel. Thanks to Dr. Schmitt, I was able to experience this new technology and I am more than pleased with the outcome.
    J. Tom B
  • Penny S.
    I want to take this opportunity to say "thank you". Upon my initial visit you took x-rays of my head and neck. When you reviewed these x-rays you noticed a build-up in my carotid artery and suggested I mention this to my primary care physician. During my annual physical in November I did indeed share this information. He was surprised because my cholesterol is under 200 and my blood pressure runs 118/68 and I have no family history of heart problems...Dr. Conrad scheduled a nuclear stress test and a carotid ultrasound. The results came back from the ultrasound with a stunning 59% blockage of my carotid artery. We were both SHOCKED. Dr. Conrad said that if you had not found this I could have suffered a stroke in the future with no one even suspecting that I had any trouble...and that I owe all the thanks to you! I am now on medication to prevent this... Thank you so much for the care and concern you have for your patients...and looking for things that could possibly cause problems in the future. I am so thankful that the good Lord led me to your have indeed been a blessing in my life.
    Penny S.
    Matthews, NC
  • Edward L. G
    My first visit with Dr. Schmitt was two and one-half years ago after falling against a wall with my right shoulder. The pain continued, but visits with other doctors only resulted in diagnoses of bursitis, arthritis or told that nothing could be found. Dr. Schmitt x-rayed my neck and back and I was told to return in one hour for the adjustment. Immediately upon adjusting my atlas with a procedure that physically I didn't feel, the pain went away, and several years later I still am pain free in my right shoulder. Before meeting Dr. Schmitt, I had surgery in my lower back, so now I go to him for adjustments and maintenance. I always feel immediate relief. Recently he recommended orthotics, which are doing exactly what he said:
    • Removing pressure from my back allowed me to hold my adjustments longer
    • Removing pressure from the balls of my feet allowed my "hammer" toes to straighten, thus...
    • Allowing me to stand and walk free of pain.
    I am so impressed with Dr. Schmitt and the Atlas procedures, that I travel from Hendersonville, NC for my treatments and feel the two-hour drive is well worth my time to see him. His adjustments give me an immediate response that no other doctor has achieved. Needless to say Dr. Schmitt is my hero.
    Edward L. G
  • Bobby B
    A Letter to Dr. Marshall McMillan Several years ago you referred me to Dr. Michael Schmitt during some problems with my lower back. Dr. Schmitt helped my situation at that time and I have continued to seek his help as my back problems do reoccur. He has helped me through two particularly troublesome periods within the last two years where it appeared I would certainly require surgery before being able to perform normal functions, including golf. With his help and therapy under his direction, I have been able to return to my normal functions. Thanks for the referral. Michael has been a big help to my family and me.
    Bobby B
  • Donna B.
    At the age of 16 I was rear-ended and it went untreated for many years. At the age of 30 I was treated by several chiropractors for my chronic headaches. For over 15 years I obtained short-term relief but, continued because of the overall benefits the adjustment provided me. Recently a severe migraine prompted my search for the nearest provider of the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. My search found only two providers within a 100 mile radius of my home. My first appointment was on February 12, 2003. X-rays were taken and it was discovered that my cervical atlas was 6 degrees out of adjustment. Dr. Schmitt performed the Atlas Orthogonal procedure and I am happy to say that I have not had a headache since that date which in my mind is miraculous! My neck and shoulders immediately relaxed after the procedure was performed. I would highly recommend this procedure for those that suffer chronic headaches as a result of auto accidents, sports injuries and work injuries which caused cervical atas maladjustment.
    Donna B.
  • Flora
    I was referred to Dr. Schmitt on July 15, 2002 by my primary doctor, Dr. Marshall McMillan. The x-rays taken by Dr. Schmitt showed advanced disc degeneration in the lumbar-scoliosis. He said I could be helped, but not cured, so I concluded it was just something I would have to live with; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I could see improvements after each visit to him. I could hardly wait to go back for my next adjustment. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure that this improvement wasn't just a dream, I felt so much better! Now I am able to sleep at night, the numbness in my right hand improved considerably, and even my teeth line up better when I close my mouth. Right now we are working on correcting my left hip, which is higher than the right one. I am optimistic about this problem being corrected by Dr. Schmitt, since he has helped me in so many other ways, including shoe inserts. I now know that my medical problems are not something that I have to endure, they can be treated. I appreciate both you and Dr. McMillan for making my last years brighter.
    Flora "Mae" L
  • Lisa T.
    I suffer from chronic migraines without aura and cervicogenic migraines. My occipital condyles are asymmetrical and do not hold my atlas in alignment properly with my cervical spine. I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist. These migraines are debilitating. If the migraine is triggered by the misalignment of my atlas and I do not get an adjustment, the migraine continues to worsen until I do. I cannot think. I cannot function. Plans are constantly cancelled and my life revolves around my migraines. I am unable to work any longer because of my chronic migraines. The only thing I have found to help me function and alleviate the cervicogenic migraines is getting a chiropractic adjustment. The AO method is the only kind I can tolerate, so I was so happy to find Dr. Michael Schmitt three years ago. He is one of the most compassionate people I have met. There is not a more dedicated man in healthcare. He is honest, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Schmitt has done more to help with my migraine management than my other physicians. I honestly do not know what I would do without his care. Not saying this lightly, I would possibly be suicidal from the endless migraine pain that I would have if I could not get my atlas adjusted with his AO method as needed. I find comfort in the fact Dr. Schmitt is there to care for me.
    Lisa T.


Atlas Integrated Healthcare

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